Introducing Miss Tater Tott the Bulldog!

Meet Miss Tater Tott and the cat Newbie! (I think this might be the first cat cameo on UrbanBulldog…I’ll have to check the archives.)

It’s no secret that I love bulldogs named after food, and Tater Tott has recently risen into my top five bulldog names of all time. It’s kind of a perfect description … although it doesn’t help much in identifying their gender. I had Tater pegged as a boy. And I’m sure you can imagine the gender mix ups that ensue with a Sherbert and a Lunchbox … even by moi.

Tater Tott lives in Texas (her mom’s email had a legitimate “y’all” in it; it was wonderful).
Y’all should follow Tater on Twitter, @TaterTottTweets, because really, who wouldn’t want to get a tweet from a Tater Tott?

Thanks to Blair for sending in these pictures!

  1. Ohhhh, Phyllis Darlene would love playtime with Tater Tot! What a pretty girl!
    Phyllis also has a BFF named Lois Louise, whom the humans call a “kitty cat.” Whatever…I love her and I keep telling her she loves me too…!

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