Lunchbox’s Garden

Hi guys, Lunchbox here.

I wanted to show you my new garden; I know it doesn’t look like a garden, but hear me out.

You see, Sherbert cultivates Polarfleece gardens.
But I’m stronger than Sherbert. And, well, not allowed on the furniture by myself yet, so I have to leave the Polarfleece to Sherbert. For now. (BTW, she has like seven Polarfleece gardens…does that seem fair? No.)

So one day the lady took away all the rugs in the house away. Well, except for the really big one. But that one is covered in tables, and I’m pretty sure it’s monitored by surveillance cameras. That’s what Engineer Dan says. What’s surveillance?
Anyway, after a few days this new rug arrived in the kitchen. Well, sometimes it’s in the kitchen, and sometimes it’s in the dining room, and sometimes it’s just plain gone. I swear, whoosh, gone.
When the new rug arrived Sherbert ran to it. I thought it was dinner time, so I ran too. But then we all just sat there and stared at each other, so I guess it wasn’t dinner time.
Finally, Sherbert got bored and went back to her own gardens. But I stayed. And then I started digging. And after digging, I started chewing. Then I rolled over on my back and kicked my legs a few times. 
I HAD MY VERY OWN GARDEN!! And it was so soft, and so diggable, and when I peed in my garden nobody noticed. Oh shoot….
But my most favorite thing to do in the garden is to sleep. I hug all my plants really tight. Just like Sherbert does in her gardens. In fact the lady says I “pass out”, which I think is a good thing because she’s usually smiling when she says it and there are no hand gestures involved.

I hope someday I have seven gardens too.


  1. Is Lunch a tulip, a peonie or a hosta in his garden? Maybe a white rose with some leaf spot fungus on his ears…Happy digging Lunch Box.. or snoozing or burying bones or what ever…

  2. Ha! Lunch is definitely a white rose with fungus on his ears. Perfect. As for a lap band…well, he doesn’t quite need one…yet. 🙂

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