Bye Bye Cherry Eye, Hello Cone Head

The first cone only lasted five days.

On Wednesday Lunchbox had cherry eye surgery on both eyes.*

By Monday I was racing to PetSmart for a new cone after a sizable tear appeared vertically in the original.

Perhaps the tear appeared when LB rammed into his kennel trying to get inside, only to be doubly rejected by not fitting through the door and then having the door bounce back into his face.
[The kennel has been removed to a safe place in the basement.]

Perhaps it occurred when he tried to nuzzle Sherbert.

Perhaps it occurred when he tried to nuzzle me.
[I am so happy the new cone (see photos 1 & 2 above) has a protective rubber barrier.]

On Twitter I likened Lunchbox’s cone to a fishbowl.

I’ve changed my mind. Now it’s a parfait glass and you just can’t quite get everything out of the bottom. Or off the sides. Or, really, fit your spoon it it.
Which I guess is entirely the point.

We have one more whole week in the cone, starting tomorrow and
I see one more trip to PetSmart with a $20 in my future.

*Cherry eye is when the gland in the lower portion of the eye protrudes outside of the lid. It’s unsightly and when left untreated can cause long-term issues. The Dr. called the surgery “fun” and “little”.  I called it four hours of back and forth in Denver traffic followed by two weeks in a cone, but so far recovery is smooth. Besides the cone problem.

  1. What a cutie in his cone. Glad he got rid of his cherry eye. It’s time for Riley to have his secound round of entropian eye surgery. We’ll be doing the cone thing soon as well!

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