Chance the Bulldog

So how cute is this little guy?

His name is Chance and he’s four months old and lives in Toronto (just like our guest blogger Gregory).

His blog, AdventuresByChance, is a lovely showcase of bulldog life: snoozing, cuddling, the usual.

But Chance also loves to run and socialize and like another bully recently is learning his agility drills.

Consider us impressed!

Thanks to Renata and Sean for introducing us to Chance.

  1. Chance says thanks! He just went to bed…he’s in a mood today :p Hopefully we can meet some other Toronto bullies in the near future!

    Thanks for the mention, UB! 🙂

  2. Aah he’s a cutie! He looks like Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe in the third picture.
    Couldn’t imagine my bullies in snow, its bad enough when it rains – they won’t walk on the grass when its wet! Lucky we don’t get snow here in South Africa.

  3. He didn’t like the snow at first (we brought him home in snow when he was a tiny guy) but after a little while he … warmed… to it. 🙂 Soon he was happily running through it and eating it whenever the opportunity presented itself. 🙂

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