The Toy Story

Sherbert does not play with toys.
She will chew a Nylabone. But only when it’s fresh from the packaging and smelling of faux meat.
She will nuzzle a Kong. But only when it’s been loaded with “not on her diet” Milk Bones.
These items are not toys to Sherbert; they are food sources, life lines.

That doesn’t mean Sherbert didn’t have toys.
We fruitlessly bought her a rope toy which is hard to chew with only molars and two eye teeth. Our bad.
Someone bought her a fuzzy ball made of felt. We would roll it past her when we got bored.
And I play tennis. I play the kind of tennis where you have to open a new can of balls for every match. Sherbert was not interested in my tennis balls.

So imagine our surprise when I took Lunchbox to play with another dog and he spent the whole time playing catch. With a frisbee. Without any treats involved.

And then he expressed interest when I rolled a tennis ball by him.

And the rope toy? Destroyed.

In fact, Lunchbox is never far from a toy, as the above pictures indicate. I’ve been known to collect all his play things and lay them out nicely in a row in front of him when his ankle biting reaches epic proportions.

We, now, have a dog who plays with toys. It’s a miracle.

  1. Our Ozzie likes to chew on his nylabones only after they come out of the dishwasher. A good way to sterilize them but it makes me wonder if likes the taste of Cascade?!

  2. Linda, the dishwasher is a very good idea for the grungy Nylabones. Judging by how much LB loves to chew on the dishwasher I’d say detergent must be pleasant on the tongue. 🙂

  3. Lucky for you. My bullie will absolutely destroy any toy (even so called heavy duty/indestructable ones) in less than 5 minutes. All she is allowed is her Kong.

  4. Falco likes to make toys out of things that are not in fact toys. Slippers, his leash, remote controls, and my favorite Pottery Barn bedding! 🙂

  5. Thanks everyone! At least Falco has good taste in the Pottery Barn. And we bought the “black” indestructible Kong too…so far so good, but the red one would have been toast.

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