The All-White Boulder Bulldog Meetup

Granted, there wasn’t a lot of “playing” at our Saturday dog date at North Boulder Park with Gigi. There was some snuffling, and some sneezing. A bit of grunting, and perfunctory sniffing. Lots of staring. Mainly, the dogs busied themselves getting love from the people while the people busied themselves discussing the dogs. Bathing routines and veterinarians. Walking (or, um, riding) habits, and kibble preferences. Eyes, and noses, and tails were all on the table. It was a beautiful spring day and we were discussing our favorite topic…whom, just so happen, to be all white. 🙂

Thanks to Marcus, Hilary, and Gigi for coming out!

  1. Well, it is true that a way to meet people is through your animals…this one looked like everyone was enjoying the time together…

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