Meet Hippo, 10-Week-Old Baby Bulldog

It’s not by accident that I usually post only dog pictures here.

Bulldogs are just cute. Plain and simple.

They don’t need people mucking up the works.**

But when Arica from the blog AY* sent me the link to her blog and said to pick any pics of new puppy Hippo (who is now 10 weeks old and featured above corner, corner, middle, middle), I immediately gravitated to the people pictures.

That’s Arica, Bird (the Dachshund), and Andrew and they are all pretty smitten with their new housemate (well, Bird is still warming to the idea of being a chew toy – Sherbert sympathizes), even if they had to demolish the pillow ramp to the sofa after Hippo had a few unfortunate accidents while they were out and about.

(Lightbulb: I honestly never thought about a pillow ramp!?! But, I imagine if we set one up for Sherbert we would come home to find her asleep on the pillow ramp.)

Anyway, Hippo is adorable and Arica’s blog is styling (keep your eyes out for the cute Frenchie picture; I thought that was Hippo at first but now I see he’s all EB).

Thanks to Arica for introducing us to Hippo (and Bird, of course).


**I even try to use Engineer Dan sparingly, even though he’s pretty darn cute himself.

  1. he’s our mushy bear! glad you all love him too. right now he’s enjoying a vacation in sunny san diego, california with us and is absolutely loving it. ((more chew toys, and backyard play times than he knows what to do with!))

  2. Love the name hippo btw, love the bulldog so much and now I have new blog to follow. thanks UB for sharing. I’m obsessed.


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