Lola, NYC Bulldog, Part I

Eight-month-old Lola is a true N.Y.C. bulldog (helping to disprove my diatribe from last September) who rides in taxis and elevators.

She’s currently intrigued by pigeons, and as her mama says “sirens and rowdy folks don’t phase her.”

But in true bulldog fashion she’s a an expert napper, tongue loller, and snuggler (and she’s uncertain about the Swifter — just like another bulldog I know named after a certain child’s lunch accessory).

AND Lola is extremely photogenic, so tomorrow we’ll have four more pics of her.

Thanks to Betsy for introducing us to Lola!

Click here to see Lola, Part II.

  1. GORGEOUS!! My Tyson would love her!Lola you should join the NYC Bulldog Meetup Group (Proud Parents of Midtwon English Bulldogs on Its so much fun to see all the bully’s play together.

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