Zoe’s “Fido Fleece” Jacket

Here are the reasons I love Zoe’s jacket:

A. It reminds me of pajamas with feet.

B. It has a wonderful fleecy pattern: we’ll call it ‘Cool Christmas’.

C. It’s called Fido Fleece for cryin’ out loud. 
D. The BC on the tag in picture 4? That stands for Big Chested. Do they label clothing for people Big Chested? They should.

Zoe’s mom got this at Grateful Dog Bakery in Cleveland, OH but she says to just Google “Fido Fleece” and options pop right up. She likes it because it’s warm with a bit of stretch (which is exactly my reasoning behind reason A).

Thanks to Vaidehi for sending in these pics and all the extra info about my jacket (I’m training my readers well. 🙂

AND tune in Monday for “Love in a 52-inch Bed: The Tale of Internet Deception”…hehe.


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