Introducing Mr. Lunchbox (Please Knock First)

Cute as can be. Deaf as a doornail. Bladder like a sieve.
That’s our Lunchbox, the newest member of the UrbanBulldog household.


To answer a few of your pressing questions….

How’s Sherbert doing with the new addition?
Miss Sherbert’s 20-hour naps have been reduced to 19-and-a-half hours. She no longer messes around when she wants to get on the sofa and now there are two bowls to clean after all the dinner is gone. The humping…that’s a problem…but the way Lunchbox licks her ears and cleans her jowls after a big drink is alright by everyone. Bottom line: They are by no means bosom buddies (yet) but they can share the same room. (Sherbert is happy that Lunchbox can’t go up steps yet.) Plus, with the addition of LB Sherbert gets partial rights to a new 52-inch bed, but that’s an entirely separate post.

Will Lunchbox be getting his own blog?
Honestly, the thought never crossed my mind, but several people have asked about this. Lunchbox is terrified of bicycles, mesmerized by cars, and runs from tennis balls like they are snapping turtles–he needs to be urbanized and fast. But, he’ll definitely be making regular appearances on, especially as we try to train him.

So where did you get him, why’s he deaf, how old is he…?

We got him from a breeder in Nebraska; his sister was deaf too, something about white dogs and a genetic abnormality; he was born at the end of September; and he’s been with us for just over a week.

How do you KNOW he’s deaf?

Let’s just say Engineer Dan and I have tested the theory…repeatedly.
Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting around here. 🙂

  1. Well, the newest addition to UB is really a beauty…can you say that for a male pup?…good luck with the sign language and the peemail!!!!!

  2. He’s gorgeous! Love his name! When we were looking for a new bully last December, we also came across a litter of white bulldogs that were all deaf – seems like the genetic problem is wide spread as we are in South Africa.

    He looks just like Tequila with his spotty ears. I love white bulldogs, but I can’t wear black anymore as I am always covered in Tequila’s white dog hair.

    Look forward to hearing and seeing more of him!

  3. Awww…Lunchbox!! You are so handsome!!! Congrats to Engineer Dan, Katie & Sherbs on the new addition.

    Yes, it’s true, many white bulldogs are deaf, but not all of course. What I’ve read is that it is caused by the lack of pigmenation (coloring). Usually a deaf dog will have lighter colored eyes (sometimes even blue eye/eyes), little-to-no pigmenation on the face (which is not true in Lunchbox’s case) & a white coat.

    The pigmentation, which I’m not sure why, causes the ear canal to not develop fully. I don’t quite understand the correlation, but again this is what I’ve read/been told.

    Deaf puppies most likely have 2 hearing parents (if not, please do NOT get me started on the ethics of breeding a deaf dog to begin with). Since deafness is a genetic defect, it does come from the parents. If the parents are hearing, then they both carry the recessive gene that causes deafness. However, not all puppies produced by dogs w/the recessive gene will be deaf. Makes total sense right?

    Know that this is not just found in bulldogs. This is true for many other white dog breeds. Dalmatians, Frenchies, Great Danes…just to name a few…

    Deaf puppies/dogs can lead normal, happy & healthy lives…the only difference is the training techniques used.

    I would love to know if Sherbs realizes he’s deaf though. When we had the deaf puppy at our house for just one night, it seemed the other bullies KNEW to use more physical ways to “talk” to him. It was quite interesting. When the others went out, he followed…cuz that’s what dogs do. :0)

    Sorry to hijack the comments w/this info, but hopefully you will find it helpful in learning about deaf (bull)dogs.

    Congrats again finally getting your Lunchbox!!! He’s so very handsome & I don’t know why he’d need his own blog…he’s still an Urban Bulldog after all!!!

  4. Thank you everyone! I must admit the first week was trying – but LB and Sherb are already sharing the same bed (occasionally). Tarryn, welcome! All the way from South Africa, that’s exciting. And Jen thanks for all the info. – we’re still learning. But, LB’s parents (Rolo & Jellybean – cute!) are not deaf, so not to worry on that account. Linda, I honestly don’t remember how I came up with Lunchbox, but I’ve been sitting on it for several years now. Thanks again everyone. B&L, sign language is fun!

  5. You guys are terrific. House training a puppy is hard enough and I can imagine his deafness compounds the task. I really enjoy this blog,it’s very well done. Although I have been a Golden Retreiver fan most my life I have recentl ycome to be a little smitten with Bulldogs (world famous Thurman is my grandson – I’m so proud). I have searched the web for a comparable Golden blog but have not found one yet. Please keep up the good work, and good luck with Lunchbox-love that name.

  6. congratz sherbie on being a big sister!
    hope you share your wagon, or maybe he will pull you in it!
    hope you post more pictures soon!
    anna & gregory

  7. Awww!!!! This news made my DAY! Maybe even my week or month. Wow! You guys are so awesome and congrats on your addition to your bully family. I have a natural soft spot in my heart for special needs bullpooches. (Maybe it was Scooter who converted me.)

    I have a sense Sherbs will help out in training Lunchbox.

    So, the burning question out of our parts — will Sherb share her wagon? Will you get two, or are you upsizing?

  8. Kate – the wagon question, I knew that was coming. Our hope is that for the immediate future, the next five years or so, Lunchbox can WALK. Gasp. We’ve had one joint outing so far and it went well except for some lady asking “How come that one gets a ride?” “Because she’s old.” “Oh.” We’re even more of a spectacle. And thanks Kelly – love the defense visual.

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