Congratulations to Our T-Shirt Contest Winners! Arnold & Roxi

Congrats to Arnold & Roxi, the winners of the UrbanBulldog T-Shirt contest. As you can see, they are ecstatic. We all remember Roxi. But Arnold is new to the site, so I’ve asked his Momma to post a few details in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who voted and sent in pictures; I foresee more contests in UrbanBulldog’s future. 
But, be sure to turn in Wednesday for a special announcement about the latest member of the UrbanBulldog household. You won’t want to miss it. (Shameless tease.)

And in the next few weeks we’ll have full pics from Max’s maiden wagon voyage, Zoe’s beautiful fleece jacket, and the introduction of a new bulldog friend Theodore Buxton III (a.k.a. Teddy-bux).

(p.s. I’ll be emailing the winners for their details, please don’t fret.)

  1. Thank you for voting for Arnold!

    Arnold is our 1.5 year old English Bulldog that we adopted about 9 months ago from someone who could no longer take care of him. Arnold has endless energy and will do almost anything for a treat. He is most definitely our constant form of entertainment!

    Jenna & Austin (Arnold’s owners)

  2. Congratulations Arnold and Roxi! Bully photos always put a smile on our faces and all of the photos entered made us grin from ear to ear! Thanks Urban Bulldog for hosting the competition. We look forward to your news tomorrow!
    From Tarryn, Tequila, Tyson and the late Titus.

  3. Congrats Arnold & Roxi!! Well deserved!! And glad tomorrow is already Wednesday…can’t wait to hear about the newest member to the Urban Bulldog household…hmmm…what could it be…the wheels are turnin’

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