Vote for Your Favorite Sherbert Lookalike – T-Shirt Contest!

A. Vivi
B. Pebbles
C. Thurman
D. Snoopy
E. Owen (is the dog)
F. Roxi
G. Zoe_1
H. Bristol
I. Brutus
J. Gregory
K. Frank
L. Charlie
M. Titus
N. Beauregard C. Slobberchops (really) and Mz. Annie Em
O. Arnold
P. Max

Q. Zoe_2
R. Falco

C. Thurman
B. Pebbles
N. Beauregard

O. Arnold

F. Roxi
C. Thurman
N. Beauregard and Annie
F. Roxi
Thanks to everyone who entered! What a turnout!
Now for the hard part: picking a winner. Up on the top, right of the site you’ll see the voting booth. Please pick your favorite TWO pictures that best channel Miss Sherbert (in any of her many incarnations). Please note the letter and name as there are quite a few duplicate dogs (I whittled multiple entries down a bit for the sake of my computer but since I didn’t specify the number of entries I tried to include as many as possible) and one duplicate name (Zoe).

Voting is open until Sunday, Feb. 20 at MIDNIGHT. Tell Your Friends!
And in the words of Engineer Dan when I asked him his favorites: “Man, this is hard!”
And in the words of Sherbert: “Meh.” (Translation: “Does this result in more pea pods for me?”)
  1. I voted! But not for Thurman, i just loved the other bullies too much! especially N. Beauregard sleeping out of his chair. thurm does that in reverse… standing rear legs, sleeping on sofa front paws and face. classic!

  2. Voting on two was hard! I agree with Engineer Dan. And Scooter feels the same way as Sherbie. She could care less and still states that she won’t work for the camera without a romaine lettuce reward.

    Great pix everyone!

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