Win a Free UrbanBulldog T-Shirt!

Behold! The first inaugural perfectly imperfect UrbanBulldog t-shirts.
These were a longtime coming so I feel I should explain:

Last year when we held our t-shirt voting contest in July I had a rather Utopian view of t-shirt making.
Create a pretty design, buy some pretty t-shirts, find a pretty printer, and voila.

But the more I investigated the more it became obvious that I was going to have to a) pay $50 per t-shirt or b) buy 200.

 I sort of sat on the idea for awhile, waiting for an epiphany, when I came across a screenprinting workshop with the Ink Lounge in Denver.

This was a t-shirt process I could support (and afford).

So last weekend I took my semi-complicated design (by screenprinting standards), and an armful of Target t-shirts (in an array of colors) to Stu at the Ink Lounge and five hours later I a) knew how to screenprint (with a lot of hand holding) and b) had an armful of colorful Target t-shirts printed with this very design!

And now I want to give them away to you guys,

So here’s the deal:

Show us your best photo of your doggie (bully or otherwise) channeling the original UrbanBulldog, Miss Sherbert.

What that means is up to you and the voting readers…maybe it’s the Stink Eye, or the big snooze, or a wagon ride.

Either send us your photo to or;
post a link to your picture in the comments below or on Twitter,
or post your photo on our Facebook page, by
Monday, FEBRUARY 14 (LOVE DAY!).

Soon after I’ll post the entries and you’ll have several days to vote for your favorite.
The top 2 will win UB t-shirts.

(p.s. Please be aware I have select sizes and colors – these are originals people!)


(p.p.s Click here to see a bunch more photos of the t-shirts I made.)

  1. Must find Scooter channeling Sherbert photo asap! Or try to catch her in the moment between now and Valentine’s day. These shirts are to die for!

  2. I even *promise* to iron the shirts before I send them out – & ironing is not something I do everyday. I’m lovin’ all the entries – keep ’em coming!

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