Zoe In Her Knitted Bulldog Sweater!

Ever since I posted about Grandma’s failed hand-knitted sweater attempt the site has received a lot of search traffic pertaining to bulldog sweaters.

Maybe it’s because I’m currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club, or maybe it’s because I am a failed knitter myself, but I’m beginning to think we need to hold a virtual bulldog sweater bee.

But, in the meantime, here are some adorable pictures of Zoe in her knitted sweater. I’m checking to see if this is a homemade piece and if we can get the pattern, but you can see more pics of Zoe at her blog: http://www.livinginzoesworld.blogspot.com/

Thanks to Vaidehi for sending in these pics!

p.s. This past weekend I took a screenprinting workshop (craftiness abounds!) and came away with some cute, one-of-a-kind (re: less-than-perfect) UrbanBulldog t-shirts. I will be giving one or two away in the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

  1. That sweater does indeed look hand knitted…I bet there is a pattern out there for this one…Lots of baubbles, which caused the original grandma failure….Looks wonderful!!!!!

  2. So turns out Zoe’s sweater is store bought, but her mama has worked on bully knit sweaters before and while she hasn’t found a bully-specific pattern, she says there are plenty of internet dog sweater patterns – you chest need to alter the chest measurements. (Which knocks me out of the can-do category!) But, she also just found Zoe a great polar fleece jacket which she’ll be posting pictures of on Zoe’s blog (see above for URL). Cheers, UB

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