Two Bulldogs & a Water Bottle

A little backstory:

So recently I was at a big trade show where many of the vendors peddle their wares with freebies and stunts. One such offer was a water bottle, hand painted with a custom piece of artwork. I wandered over to the booth with no idea what I wanted, figuring with all the bottles these artists were creating the design would have to be something simple.

On the drying table of completed artwork sat a water bottle, just like the above, with a painting of an English bully and a Frenchie and two pink hearts underneath.

“I want this bottle.”
[Really, I wanted that exact bottle, but since it wasn’t mine, I had to have them recreate another one exactly like it, the result being the above photos.]

I must say my bottle turned out a bit differently than the original (it looks like my dogs went on a bit of a bender with the other dogs and came out the worse for wear…). That’s what you get with original artwork. But I still love it.

And I love that there is someone out there that I don’t know who has a water bottle just like mine and probably a Sherbert (or two) as well.


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