VIDEO: Sherbert’s “Magic Cup” & Thurman’s Octaves

It’s a well known fact that bulldogs like their groceries.
Sherbert in particular.
And since Sherbert’s meal time is her most active time of the day (it’s true), we make it a household event.
It’s like recess and lunch all in one.

As I was preparing Sherbert’s video, above, I received this adorable missive from Thurman’s papa.
Engineer Dan loves the word “nonplussed” and I think that captures Thurman’s mood in a nutshell.
Thanks to Lars for this cute video.

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  1. To know that these two adorable pups just live for their groceries and attention to song is precious. I agree with Engineer Dan, that Thurman is Non Plussed is a mild understatement. Love the nail clicks at the end of Sherbs snarfing episode…..

  2. I’m just further convinced that Sherb and Scooter are related. Similar enthusiasm generated by food rattling, similar snarfing/drool patterns and the EXACT same food bowl displacement WITH a gimpy leg. The amount of dexterity is amazing especially after watching them hobble around otherwise, isn’t it?

    And Thurman is quintessential bulldog, isn’t he? Do you ever think they’re just thinking, “Stupid human.”

  3. Bullies are always thinking “stupid human”…I know it, I see it in their stink eyes!! I love how Sherby moves the bowl around as if to say “get the hell outta my way, I gots some eatin’ to do”. She is no joker about the food!

  4. Hey everyone – glad you liked the videos! The first one proved much trickier than others in the past…maybe because Sherbert only had one thing on her mind! I think bulldogs become super bulldogs in the face of food. You know Thurman would be much more interested if there was a steak in the picture!

  5. since you say “gentleman” instead of “gentlemen,” one can only assume she’s looking right at big thurman. he is single and also a messy eater, to put it mildly.

  6. Ha, I’m pretty sure during the editing process I looked at Gentlemen and thought this doesn’t look right it must be with an a. I must have had Thurman on the brain. 🙂

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