Sherbert’s Storybook Minute, Part II

This is part two of the Sherbert’s Storybook Minute series. Please read part one first.

BTW – “Before the Wagon” – the days were all the same.
On surfaces hard and soft,
dirty and clean,
The Great White Beast would lay her heavy head,
and dream those silent kibble dreams.

But her people were movers,

they were shakers.

And Sherbert’s sedentary ways just would not do.

Strollers were too silly,
bicycles too bouncy.

Sherbert’s ride had goals. It needed stealth.

…. and the option to accessorize.

At first, oh the stares.

People pointed,

children laughed.

C’est la vie.

Sherbert resorted to her old ways – eyes shut, nose closed, asleep on the job.

But accommodations were made.
Expert advice, sought.
Soon Sherbert called “All Aboard!”

This was the hot ticket about town.

But comforts are always fleeting.

Envy, overrated.

So what does Sherbert want now?

A special something with bigger wheels.

  1. Thanks guys! Yes, I think Sherbie was meant for a woody-wagon. Or a vintage Mercedes with leather interior. OK, well, maybe that’s what I want her to have. 🙂

  2. Brilliant post! Should be a real book! Oh, we love the adventures of Sherbert, with photos of course. too funny! This is Friday, Raoul was setting down to write “his” post. We couldn’t wait to see part 2. We are linking back to it pronto!

  3. Little Maxi enjoyed every bit of Sherbert’s storybook minute and found it very insperational. In fact, it encouraged him to “jump on the band wagon”….. He just got his first wagon (Radio Flyer ATW) yesterday, unfortunately the bad weather has delayed the maiden voyage. However the weather has given us time to implement Sherbet’s safety tips!

  4. Thank you Susan, and thanks for the link back! I tried to comment on Raoul’s cute hoodies…but it didn’t work. I think it’s my computer though. And Max got a wagon?!? So exciting! Can’t wait for his maiden voyage and to see the pics.

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