Bulldog Max Cullen in Holiday Camo!

It’s Mr. Max Cullen, all dressed up for the holidays.

I must admit I’ve never seen Christmas camo – snow camo, yes, camo with faux fur and a fuzzy ball at the end, no. But Max is rockin’ it!

And you may be wondering, like I was, what’s up with the pillows. Well those are his “napping/living room pillows” – not to be confused with the other pillows Max has strewn around the house for his use only. Ooh, if only Sherbert knew…

Thanks to Gabe for sending in these pictures, and keep tuning in, there are plenty more holiday bulldog pictures to come. I hope I get to post Sherbert’s pictures before the New Year.

  1. I’m sooo not telling Scooter about the napping/living room pillow. She’s under the illusion that she’s the most spoiled bulldog. (Shhhh…)

    Love this series on Max Cullen (excellent name, btw)!

  2. It’s kind of hard to take a pillow back once he’s gotten it nice and broken in with his slobber and bone/food crumbs. He has managed to do it enough times that he now has a collection throughout the house. He’s good to go now though. As some one said earlier he is definitely a creature of comfort. And food. And treats. And sleep…..

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