R is for Raoul & Reindeer Antlers

This is Raoul.
Good bulldog name, right?
So I asked his mom Susan, who runs her own blog where Raoul is guest host every Friday,
if Raoul is named after anyone.

The short answer: no.

The long answer is that Raoul comes from France (where his mama lived), and in France all registered dogs born in one year have names starting with one letter. Well, Raoul was born in the year of the letter R. Cute.

But apparently Raoul came from a rather posh kennel and the name Raoul wasn’t quite as sophisticated and dignified as the owners had in mind. But his mom insisted that Raoul was a perfect bully name, and I have to agree.

Side note: I’ve been trying to think up sophisticated bulldog names that start with R and all I can come up with is Reginald, which doesn’t sound very French. I do like the name Ragu however. Maybe I’ll add it to “The List.”

Anyway, thanks to Susan for introducing us to Raoul and check out his take on things this Friday.

  1. Oh my word, look at the paws on him! Raoul is so cute! Again, more antlers (well I guess these were first, I’m just reading backwards)! LOVE!

    R names – Rachelle (the French version of Rachael).

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