Frank in a Sweater & a Cone of Shame

Today we bring you a double-whammy of style…but first special thanks to Anna & Gregory for our Tour of Toronto last week. Sherbert totally wants to go meet a mini yak now. Anyway, on with the style show!

HI! I’m Frank. Remember me?

My mom, who runs this sweet blog, bought me this adorable sweater at a Tahoe store called Scraps. I’m sylin’ I know. But this isn’t my 24/7 look…

Here I am in my inflatable cone of shame after cherry eye surgery. Basically, I have an inner tube around my neck. Comfy, but not pretty. I don’t know why mom sent in this picture…

Oh, yeah, ’cause lots of doggies (even bunnies!) wear the cone of shame and maybe they want to get a sweet inflatable one like mine (at Petsmart). Or maybe it’s because mom didn’t want to make all the other doggies jealous with how stylin’ I look in my pink sweater. That’s it.

Thanks to Sarah for sending in these pictures of Frank! And if anyone’s sitting on any sweater or holiday photos out there, please send them our way (

  1. That is really one stylish sweater…fits soooo well. Glad Frank is healing up, the inflatable cone of shame would make a good swimming device…

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