1. Thurman is thankful for… patient parents.

    When I came downstairs this morning, Thurman was right there at the bottom of the landing to greet me, wiggling.  Nothing out of the ordinary, except he had what appeared to be a light brown Abe Lincoln beard going on.  Upon further inspection, the beard turned out to be dog food dust from the end of the bag that had mixed with the water he gets all over his face into a nice dog food and drool paste (hereafter referred to as “nature’s super glue”).  He also had managed to flip his bowl over somehow, and dog food dust was all over the floor, except for the snails trail of drool and paste from where he (apparently unsuccessfully) tried to eat it off the floor. 

    I cleaned off the dog, picked up the tray and both bowls and took them to the kitchen, came back and cleaned up the floor, then went to handle his bowls.  While I was in there, I could hear him thrashing around with the empty dog food bag (that apparently we keep in the living room now?). 

    When I got back to the living room, I found him covered in dog food dust (I had cleaned him not five minutes prior) and the bag on its side and dog food dust everywhere.  I wasn’t there, but from what I can surmise, he stuck his head inside of the empty bag trying to eat the kibble dust at the bottom and it must have gotten stuck on his head, where he then shook it off (the thrashing I heard).  This coated him and the floor in a fine dog food powder, both of which I then had to clean up for the second time. 

    He had this “I’m so happy” look on his face and couldn’t stop doing the butt wiggle… I’m not going to say that it “made it all worth it,” but it was cute.

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