1. Sunglasses, cell phones, remote controls, two slingbacks, one espadrille, a couple of hair brushes… I’m not exaggerating although the chubinator has kind of outgrown it. By the way, that picture in an older post of the tv stand is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. He definitely finds his place in the world.

  2. An espadrille! That would be a serious misfortune! I believe I got this shot after I put the glasses on Sherbert’s head…so it would have been my own fault if she ate them. Luckily, she doesn’t have enough teeth (or enough speed) to do much damage. Glad everyone liked the pic! And Thurman in the t.v. stand is too cute for words. Next “I’m Thankful…” in a few days. 🙂

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