Bulldog Contortionist

When we brought home a bulldog, I knew what to expect in the motivation department: lazy. What has come as a surprise is Thurman’s ability to seem completely comfortable, even fall asleep, in the most awkward positions imaginable. It’s as if he does it on purpose. I grew up with golden retrievers. They were always looking to stretch out. Thurman seems to seek the opposite. None of these photos are staged.
As a pup, he always put his crate to good use.

Who doesn’t like to sleep with their eye pressed into the hardwood?

Look closely at this picture. He’s on a couch. By himself. Could you relax with your wrists like that?

When awake, we’d regularly find him in places he didn’t belong. Like in the TV stand.

…Or on the coffee table.

…Or in a flower pot.

Visiting Western New York? I’ll scope out this pine tree from the inside.

He takes cuddling to the extreme. I remember when this photo was taken. He was snoring like a chainsaw.

Once again: completely asleep, completely awkward. In my opinion, completely awesome. I wouldn’t have him any other way.

(Have a photo of your bulldog “relaxing”? Send it in: submit@urbanbulldog.com)

  1. Small children and small dogs love to get into tight squishy places…some more than others it would seem…Delightful photo ops for his “rents”

  2. OMG, I’m going away regularly from now on because then I get to read my own blog when I return and laugh and laugh and laugh. The whole week was awesome! But I gotta say, a bully in a flower pot sort of takes the cake. Thurman and LDJ – hats off to you!

  3. You do a great job, LDJ! of course, have Thurman as your subject helps make it easy I’m sure. Always enjoy his antics. Please keep posting, boys.

  4. Thurman is so cute! I missed this past week’s posts (just gave birth to baby girl Dani, my first human child!) so only now getting caught up! What a cutie and a ham!

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