The World Famous “J Name” Bulldogs

While “World Famous” may be a stretch, these guys are certainly local celebrities. One of the most common questions I’m asked when walking Thurman is if we’ve seen/met/know the gentleman that walks his bulldogs three-at-a-time. Each one has a name beginning with the letter ‘J’. As it so happened, we saw them last Sunday in Federal Hill Park.

That’s Jade on the left (she’s the baby), and Jackson on the right. Ten-year old Jake rounds out their family (he skipped Sunday’s walk).

Jade’s first order of business was to give Thurman a thorough once-over.
Jackson makes sure Jade didn’t miss anything. Thurman’s meet-n-greet routine: See other dog. Sit down immediately, no matter where you are, or how far away new dog is. This includes sitting in the middle of the street. Wait for new dog to come to you. Dog arrives (finally!). Stand and be sniffed. Only then will he play.

We don’t normally tie Thurman to cannons and take his picture, but for some reason it happened twice this weekend. Here he is, guarding downtown. From what, I’m not exactly sure.

I had to wake Thurman up on Sunday morning, the day after his Fells Point Adventure. When I went to bed on Saturday, the cushions were orderly and the blankets were all folded. I promise.
  1. Thurman is on guard and after all that sniffing, he needs his rest…Who doesn’t mess up the blankets?????/ Great Touring Thurman!

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