Charm City Bulldog Adventure

Thurman took to the streets this morning to try and find some Baltimore Bulldogs on the other side of the harbor. Federal Hill to Fells Point is around six miles, unless you have a boat. Looks like we’re driving.

Thurman doesn’t have a wagon, so he rides shotgun in my Jeep. He gets looks while sitting in traffic.

When we’re in Fells Point with Thurm we have to stop by Fells Grind, because they have a walk-up window just for dog people. Black coffee for me, American cheese for Thurman.

First stop after getting caffeinated was Broadway Square. We didn’t see any English bullies, but we did find some English folk dancers who came to Baltimore from Washington D.C., The Foggy Bottom Morris Men. Thurman was fascinated by the bells on their legs.

Second stop: Patterson Park. We had high hopes for finding bullies here, but experienced no success.
Even the Pagoda was empty.

Saturday Scorecard:
Bulldogs located: 0
Cheese slices consumed: 1
Car rides taken: 2

Thurman will mark this one in the “win” column.

  1. thurman! i have some questions about you, your a rather larger gentleman are you calm and enjoy napping often like sherbie? and when did you get fixed? the only reason i ask is because i have a guy similar in size to your self who gets crazy excited over everything. Its like he ate a pound of candy every day!

  2. Anna, Yep, he’s pushing 70 lbs. He’s just always been pretty calm. We had him fixed as a puppy. He was several months old, I don’t recall exactly. Our vet recommended when it was time. We didn’t really see a big behavior change, he’s always just been good at “hanging out.” THanks!

  3. I think this traveling UB is a really great idea. How cool to see what Baltimore is like in the hunt for English Bullies….Can we stop by Ace of Cakes sometime? I am convinced they would give Thurman some wonderful goodies….Really great travel photos..good luck in your search….

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