The Dog Sitter

I’ve written many times about Sherbert’s exploits at the kennel…about the time she arrived home with a tiny heart charm dangling from her collar and about the time Dan snuck out to “rescue” her as soon as the kennel’s doors opened. And then there was the time(s) Sherbert was cleared a spot behind the main desk, on a low shelf I believe, so she could snooze in peace while the other d.o.g.s ran amuck.

And while it may not always seem like it I do truly like and appreciate our kennel for what it is: a safe, reliable place for Sherbert to stay while we are away.

But let’s face it: Sherbert doesn’t really care for other dogs.
She sleeps 21 out of 24 hours of every day.

So recently I called a friend of a friend to come stay with Sherbert while we were away.
When I returned home Sherbert barely acknowledged me; I don’t think she really knew I ever left (perhaps because the housesitter has the same name as moi).

And besides the fact that Sherbert was well rested, and clean, our in-house dog sitter came with another perk: She took pictures of Sherbert while I was away.

And while her photos and care were great…I’m glad to see even she wasn’t spared the stink eye. 🙂

  1. We have the same issue with Scooter! She stays with my parents when we go out of town and she never wants to leave. This past weekend, in fact, she tried to hide herself under my mom’s car, I believe in revolt, to avoid going home with us.

    That’s very nice that your sitter took pictures of Sherb while you were gone. I’d like to see what Toots McGee does while we’re not there.

  2. My dogs stay with a friend’s mom…like my mom, so the dogs know her as “Grandma”. Anyway, they are usually happy to see us when we get there, but it takes some work to get them going home with us!

  3. These are great pictures of Sherb…She is lucky to have a sitter with a critical eye for a photo op , even if she gets the “stink eye” back in return…..Sherb is looking Buff!!!!!!

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