Dog Food for Bulldogs

Is this bag of dog food worth $93?

It’s 32 pounds. Sherbert eats one cup two times a day.
Sherbert started eating it after having repeated ear infections and skin issues.
And it worked. We haven’t had an ear infection in years.

In fact we had so few problems that we thought we’d try a less expensive, but similar, food, one found at pet stores that are open normal store hours. And for awhile, no issues.

But then last winter all hell broke loose with Sherbert’s skin. We eventually treated her for a type of mange, after rounds of failed steroids, but we also went slinking back to the vet’s food and we can’t say, definitively, that the food wasn’t the solution.

But there’s still that doubt that we need to pay so much for dog food.
Recently, I Twittered about going off to buy said food and @BaronVonZorcula (best Twitter handle ever!) wrote back that he made his bulldog Norton’s own food.

Here’s the short version [full recipe coming soon]:
“ground up chicken w/bones, kale and potatoes. Sometimes add carrots and green beans. Saves money and is v good for them.”

This impresses me to no end and I’m curious what others are feeding their bulldogs?
Let us know in the comments below! Thanks!

  1. We feed Brutus…
    Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance®L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Allergy Formula dog food which is are made especially for puppies and dogs with specific allergies to common pet food ingredients. The key is that it is GRAIN free.

    This helped Brutus’ hair loss problem greatly!!! We mix dry and wet food for Bru-man. He likes the sweet potato mix best and not a big fan of the duck…he is my little dog good snob.

  2. I always fed Wellness to my English bulldog Elmo mixed with fresh cooked chicken or fresh/frozen chicken made by Nature’s Variety. It comes in regular or an organic version. I never had any issues with either of them. I am picking up my new bullie puppy “Zoe” this week and plan on feeding her the same.

  3. I feed Gregory royal canin bulldog. He doesnt seem to like to eat kibble at all, we have tried a few different kinds so we now also mix in some fresh veggies and some fresh/frozen chicken by nature’s variety. He just started to get ear infections so we may have to change it up, he eats 5 cups of food a day which does get pricey for sure with the royal canin.

  4. We feed Dallas Natural Balance Grain Free. She won’t eat just kibble so we add Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health, chicken, or cottage cheese etc., whatever we have on hand.

  5. We used to feed Wellness and I believe it’s a very good kibble.
    I recently changed to Acana. It’s grain free. It’s $60+ for a 32lb. bag so it’s very pricey. I add salmon oil, glucosamine and a plant enzyme to her food every day as well.
    Salmon oil is the BEST for their coats.
    We used to do a raw diet for our other 2 bullies and that was the best way to go.
    Ask any Bulldog rescue group or Bulldog breed specific vet and they will tell you a raw diet is the best way to go because of the many skin/allergy problems our Bullies have.

    When we got our 1st Bullie years ago, we went through Natural Balance, Royal Canin and ended up choosing Wellness because it was the best for our dogs.

    You all sound like great Bullie parents! YAY!

  6. We feed the beasts Canidae ALS. Prior to that we fed them Purina One. We didn’t really have any problems with it persay; I had just read a lot on dog foods and wanted to switch. I searched for a food that was both better than what I had and was reasonably priced and ended up with Canidae. Their coats are nice, their skin is smooth, and Riley (who suffers from entropian) has cleaner eyes.

  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys; this is very interesting stuff. It seems like we are paying a lot, and might want to starting looking into some real [raw] food substitutes. I’m sure Sherbert wouldn’t mind that.

  8. As you know, Lily had the mange too at one point, but our main concern to change her food was based on that fact that her poop was always runny, and like soft serve at best (sorry if you just vomited). It sucked to try and pick up, but most importantly I thought it was hurting her digestive track.

    First we tried bulldog royal kanin, but it was the one with grain in it, wave shaped pieces, and a bulldog on the front.


    So the vet recommended much of the stuff people above have posted, Natural Balance and Wellness. Stuff with little to no grain, lots of sweet potatoes, and duck or fish. They guessed that she was allergic to grain, and try taking chicken out of her diet too, just because….i guess…

    We went to Petsmart and were advised to try Blue Buffalo with the wolf on the front, Duck blend, with peas and some sweet potato, minimal grains. IT WORKED! But Lily was more pudgy and I think it was from the Duck even though Petsmart didn’t agree that switching her to a different protein would help her be less fat. Why wouldn’t it? That would work for us and everyone knows duck is fatty and salmon is “good fatty”. So we switched to the salmon blend, and everything has been right as rain.

    She’s even softer than usual too (her fur, not the poop).

  9. Your so very lucky to have such a variety of top end brands to feed your dog. I live in Australia and have difficulty finding such brands and have to feed my bullie crappy expensive brands, which are loaded with grains and god knows what else!

  10. Life’s Abundance is the best food ever. I’ve had two bulldogs on it from the time they weaned. Absolutely no health issues ever. It’s great for maintaining a healthy weight and is formulated by a veterinarian. It is only sold online, and shipped to you fresh. It never sits on a store shelf, or in a warehouse where it’s accessible to rats or bugs.

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