Team Pride: Butler Blue II

Spend a little time on Butler Blue II’s Flickr photo page and you’ll see the mascot life (in this case for Butler University in Indianapolis) isn’t all basketball games and cheerleading practice. There happens to be a lot of ice cream breaks, a lot of posing with cute coeds and campus leaders, and a lot of…bone chewing and belly rubbing (just like for the rest of us, except the bones are WAY bigger).

Now for the serious stuff: Butler Blue II is six years old and 60 pounds. He’s been a mascot almost his entire life (that’s some good breeding). You can read more about BBII on his blog or very fun Twitter page.
Thanks to his ‘rents for letting us post his pretty mug!
Go Butler!

  1. Whoop! Go Butler!Go Blue! “we’ll sing the Butler war song, we’ll give the fighting cry…. we’ll fight the Butler battles, bulldogs ever do or die….” 🙂

  2. My goodness these pups are sure well loved..They almost all have some sort of important career…mascot, watcher of tv, lovers of touch…way to go!!!!!!

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