Team Pride: Uga Bulldog Love!

Truth be told, we’re not really football fans here at UB HQ. But we do support our hard-working bulldog mascots! And we were saddened by the untimely loss of Georgia’s mascot Uga VII last year…so Sherb set up a little shrine in Georgia’s honor.
“Sherbert, stop eating the shrine!”

There’s no UGA VIII, yet, (last I’d heard), but there is Russ, Uga VII’s half brother and the temporary mascot for Georgia. As far as Awesome Bulldog Names go we’re not smitten with the name Russ, but the previous Georgia temp, Magillicuddy I, is almost unbeatable.

We’d love to honor more of our bulldog buddy mascots so if you know of a school big or small, leave a comment. Or even better send us a picture at

But for now, GO GEORGIA & RUSS!


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