The Art of Begging During a Kitchen Reno

Understandably, the kitchen is one of Sherbert’s favorite places to beg. Sherbert begging involves intense, silent staring at the person eating or at the floor directly below the person cooking. Her eyes never waver. Here ears are cocked. Drool puddles on her jowl. And if you do drop something, or offer her something, she will pounce. Sherbert style. It’s an amazing sight.

So you can understand why Sherbert is a bit put out by our latest home improvement project: painting the kitchen cupboards. Now, instead of strolling in and out of the kitchen at her leisure she has to be chaperoned. Instead of snuffling in every corner and sitting queenly on the little kitchen mat, there is plastic lining the floor and obstacles like chairs, cupboards, and paint cans in her way.

When I was sanding the cupboards down, she went in the basement. When I was painting she was barricaded in the living room by the trash can and the recycling bin. When I climbed on a chair to pain the high points, Sherbert positioned herself just so in the living room so she could peer over the sofa to investigate my every move. She even busted through into the dining area once, making a route through an end table, only to be barricaded by drawers and kitchen accessories that were strewn around the dining room.

The goal is to finish today. But that was also the goal two months ago.
  1. Well that Sherb is just the master of all experiences…just so she is close to you and Engineer Dan, she doesn’t care….Good luck with the project….

  2. Oh Sherbs, you poor girl. If Scooter were declared off limits from the kitchen, her head might explode.

    Actually, truth be told, she wasn’t allowed in the kitchen at my old place, but since we moved in w/ dad (because I married him) she’s allowed anywhere in the kitchen. In fact, she usually camps out in front of the refrigerator, in front of the stove or in front of the dishwasher. You’ll note, someone is the softy for Scooter’s begging eyes and paw swipes and it’s not me….

  3. Just a little “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” to remind her that she shouldn’t think of taking one step farther. (It works surprisingly well with her.)

    Last night was caesar salad night, so some little beastess was all up in our business begging for some romaine.

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