Found: Vampire Bulldog – Maximilian Cullen!

I may have found the source of the “vampire bulldog” search term I wrote about a few weeks ago. Meet Maximilian Cullen, Max for short. This Louisiana bulldog shares a surname with that famous Cullen clan of Twilight fame, since mom & daughter LOVE the series. (I know a few other bulldog lovers also obsessed with Twilight, and even more obsessed with True Blood. So really the term “vampire bulldog” should have made perfect sense.)

Max “was born on Thanksgiving morning and could probably eat a Thanksgiving meal by himself given the chance. He loves playing fetch with his Wubba, sleeping, going for walks as long as they aren’t too far, sleeping and watching TV.”

Sounds like he’d fit right in with the Cullen clan.

Thanks to Gabe for introducing us to Max!


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