Looking For Sherbert…Bulldog…Underarms?

“what are the spots in sherbert?”

Search terms (i.e. those words and phrases you type into Google, or Yahoo, or Bing) are funny business. The above is an actual phrase someone typed into their search engine of choice and then, miraculously, ended up on UrbanBulldog.com. Then, they spent almost 14 minutes on the site (which is a long time in web time). Just looking at this phrase I’d assume this person was curious about the frozen treat, sherbet, but judging by their time on site they might have actually been curious about the excessive spots on Sherbert’s belly. They’re normal, by the way. Meatball here has them too. 🙂

“bulldog wedding shower thank you”

32 visits over the last 30 days have come from this exact search term. 32! Granted, some of those visits were from me. Sometimes when I see a weird search term in my Google Analytics report, I go to Google and type in the exact same thing, trying to see how people manage to get to UrbanBulldog. A lot of times I’m stymied. I can only look through several pages of results before I get bored and start playing with Sherbert instead. The fact that so many visits resulted from this one search phrase is mind boggling to me. I did post about my bridal shower (briefly) and I did make Thank You cards for said bridal shower featuring Sherbert…but I’m guessing there’s a card shop out there with legitimate wedding shower thank you cards featuring a bulldog. Apparently there’s also a “hallmark bulldog cupid card” because that search term has resulted in 8 visits to the site this month. Maybe Hallmark wants to pick up Sherbert’s Valentine’s Day message?

I only write about all this keyword business, because I think it’s hilarious. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite search terms that have brought people to UrbanBulldog.com over the last year.

“archivel pictures of the american bulldog named snow chief”

“bulldawg regular sherbet”

“calling old man a bulldog”

“flavor ice cream can bulldogs eat”

“vampire bulldogs”

“happy cartoon bull dogs”

“english bulldog underarms”

“crash pad bulldog”

“sherbert cooling coats for dogs”

And the most popular search terms, besides a lot of variations of “urban bulldog”? Anything having to do with bulldog sweaters. I guess I know what to post about next winter!
  1. Shows to go that anywhere close to what they want will lead them to UB which is good. Thank goodness for Search Engines…They try to read our minds also….

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