There Used to Be Boundaries

Once upon a time, Sherbert wasn’t allowed in the bedroom (she could lay at the threshold, one jowl or paw peaking over – but that was IT!) She wasn’t allowed on the sofa – not even the love seat. And we certainly didn’t line up the lawn chairs for her.

Then, one day, after many (hilarious) failed attempts, Sherbert successfully leaped onto the sofa. We were too shocked (and proud) to make her get off. That was the beginning of the end.

Soon our sofa was covered in Sherbert hair – an un-erasable mess. Then we rented a room near the ski hills for the winter and the bed was a mattress on the floor. A mattress Sherbert didn’t even have to grunt to get up on to. She was experiencing the taste of human comfort and there was no going back.

Soon she was sleeping in her bed on our bedroom floor. Boundaries firmly intact.

Then we moved, again. The new place had stairs and hardwood floors and brand new, really high sofas – it was a pudgy bulldog’s nightmare.

So, somehow, miraculously, Sherbert appeared on the bed. How she got there is anybody’s guess.

And then Sherbert appeared on the sofa – the brand new sofa with a suede-like finish. (That’s the sofa in the picture above.)

There’s no going back.

Sometimes I watch in horror as she licks her paws on my side of the bed leaving a ridiculously large wet spot where I lay my precious head.

But to see that dog, poised so perfectly at the foot of the bed, waiting, oh so patiently, for her invitation (and ride) onto its super soft padding is the. cutest. thing. ever.

That dog loves the bed. And she loves the sofa. I truly think after breakfast, dinner, and an ample amount of pea pods those are the two things Sherbert loves the most in life.

Well, and the cranes that make those resting spots possible.

  1. Ha! I love it!! Bullies aren’t allowed on our bed (since I’m allergic)…but…Doc is the only one who has figured out how to get on the bed, so whomever is sleeping in that day gets a bully cuddle buddy!! And shhh…I’ve let Vivi sleep on the bed w/me when we’ve traveled…All 3 are allowed on the couch…even had special stairs made for them! Boundries are meant to be broken!!

  2. Big Thurman rules the first floor and all its furniture; Mom and Dad get the top 2 floors and their remaining 400 sqft.

    Bonus: an 8-week old bully just moved in down the block named RAMBO…Thurman is intrigued.

  3. Heh, great job working it Sherbs! Scoots McToots is a bit too petite to find her way up onto the bed. But she sure shocked me when she demonstrated she could hop up on chairs and sofas. In the old place, she had her own chair.

    Rambo?! I love it! What a perfect bully name!

  4. I’m glad to know we’re not the only softies out there! We were joking the other day about how long and flat a ramp would have to be to get Sherbert on the bed (the answer: like 15 feet!). I do think a little set of stars are in Sherbert’s future.

    I bet Rambo is a doll.

    And I have to ask, how does someone who’s allergic to dogs live with 3 bulldogs?

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