Zoe Hits the Pool

Introducing Zoe! Zoe holds a special place in UrbanBulldog land as the bulldog who tried a wagon ride…and hated it! Zoe’s perilous ride prompted us to post “Security Measures for a Bulldog in a Wagon” – and to reminisce about Sherbert’s first wagon ride…and the cat that threatened our fun.

I’m not sure if Zoe has given the wagon another go, but I do know she’s a lot braver than Sherbert when it comes to the water – just check out the above video. Zoe not only swims (well, sort of) but she catches water in her mouth and does battle with the pool net – Sherbert, stop yawing! You can all of Zoe’s active water ways on her TwitVid page. Enjoy!

And thanks to @robpilkerton for introducing us to Zoe!

p.s. Zoe’s cool off in the pool has inspired the UB to post her own FIVE BULLDOG TIPS FOR STAYING COOL WHEN YOUR OWNERS ARE SLOW TO GET THE CENTRAL AIR INSTALLED. So stay tuned!

p.p.s Remember Mandrake, our first swimming bulldog? And then Thurman hit the public pool in Baltimore. We love summer at UB HQ!

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