Awesome Bulldog Names

So long before I had a real Sherbert, I had an imaginary Sherbert. I like to try names on for awhile, test them out, make sure I like them for a week, a month, a year.

Now I have an imaginary “Lunchbox.”
In fact, at least once a week, I see some random word and I think “What a perfect bulldog name!” If you follow UrbanBulldog on Twitter, you are well aware of this fact.

But, because I can only really have one imaginary bulldog (of each breed), I thought I’d start a running list of AWESOME BULLDOG NAMES.

So if you need one, take one, and if you have one, leave one.
All I ask is that if you use one of our AWESOME BULLDOG NAMES please tell us about it (preferably with a photo).

So, in no particular order, UrbanBulldog’s AWESOME BULLDOG NAMES (that aren’t currently assigned to any bulldogs that we know of):



Mr. Spreckles


Burley or Burly




(Seems best suited for a Frenchie)



The Fridge



Zap (for a Frenchie)

  1. It’s actually quite comforting to know I’m not the only one who comes up with outlandish imaginary (and real) bulldog names. These are all great!

  2. At Brutus’ daycamp, they call him Thick Burger. And they call his best friend, a much much smaller bulldog, Little Thick Burger. Makes you want Hardee’s doesn’t it?

  3. Simon is also known as Herschel Grossman the Jewish English Bulldog, Stinklepants Magoo, Slimon and many other
    variations of these names.

  4. My current bulldog’s full name is, “An Oaf Called Moose”…Moose (Moo, Moo-Moo, Mooie, Moosie-Moo) for short. I have always loved the name “Dumpster” for a bully!

  5. we thought of “ham sandwich” or “fanny pack”. but went with Ezra- the less silly name, but he has more nicknames than he could possibly learn!

  6. Our English Bulldog’s name is Wensleydale. If you’re familiar at all with Wallace & Grommit you will recognize it. If not, Wensleydale is an English cheese. If she would have been a male we have called him Stilton, another English cheese. Btw, I should mention cheese is my husband’s favorite food!

    Amy in Indiana!

  7. We were on vacation last summer with Thurman (of Baltimore City fame, I’m his grandpa)and met another bullie named “Diesel”, thought that was a cool name.

  8. I’ve always dreamed one day I’d finally have a bulldog and I’ve thought long and hard on his/her name and decided on CHUBS!! I think it’s perfect!

  9. I ended up going with Gerdie Jean Gouda Wigglebottom, but I had also come up potential names over the years…here are a few

    Boys: Beef Wellington, T-Bone, Bubba, Bohunk, Brute, Butterball, Hercules, Bamboozler, Kielbasa, Frankfurter (Frank For Short) Gumbo, Pork Chop,Gustavo (Gus), Hector, Midas, Thor, Triton, Tenderloin, Zeus

    Girls~ Agnes, Delores, Rebelle (Bell For Short), Beatrice, Maude, Blanch, Erma, Fran, Fanny, Guadalupe, Henrietta, Mabel, Marge (As In Large Marge)Mavis, Maxine, Norma, Olga, Rutabaga

  10. Ha Pretty Ace – are you a child of the 80s?!? Names like Large Marge and the Golden Girl characters are right up my alley! But you ended up with a great name … let’s just hope you don’t have to embroider it on Gerdie’s underpants!

  11. I always thought I would name my bulldog “Ouiser” (pronounced Wheezer) off of steel magnolias because I love that character. But now that I have one I am going to name her “She-Ra” 😀 For the honor of grayskull!!! 🙂

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