1. Isn’t it fun to have a critic standing buy telling you what a nice plant you are planting and then taking a nap…Good Job..is that a tomato?

  2. SO cute! Looks like my Miss Weezer. Hers loves to be outside gardening with mama – but mostly sunning herself and rolling around in the lawn. They are the greatest little helpers!

  3. Okay, first of all, I NEED to find out where @kateshirley got the lawn bully-gnome, and second, does Sherb eat the dirt or any of the plants? We can’t keep Riley and Bella out of the dirt. They either roll in the dirt or eat it. I’ve been blaming them for eating the plants, but, that could be the rabbits maybe.

  4. Yes, please, pictures of the lawn bully-gnome Kate! (And Miss Weezer – is that her real name?!? And Bubba!) Sherb doesn’t eat the dirt until it has spread across the sidewalk and she needs to double check that it’s not food. These are tomato plants, which we’ve never grown successfully before, so she might try to eat them. She will eat tall grass (and the occasional tulip) if we’re snoozing on the job. 🙂 I can just imagine Bella and Riley rolling in the dirt. FUN (for them)!

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