Fluff Bulldog Wallet

I heart Marshalls.

I found this excellent Fluff wallet on sale for just $5.99.
Granted, my current wallet is twice the size as this one so I’m going to have to offload a little cash before I can start hauling this around. But it will accompany my Fluff coin purse (now a treat purse) excellently.

(P.S. If you can see black hairs on the beautiful teal liner in the second photo, those are Kodi‘s who I used as my back model in the third photo. I’m sure he didn’t mind.)

(P.P.S. I just scoped out the Fluff website and I can’t find this exact wallet (“steel frame”), but I did find this passport version. Looks like the pattern also comes in a tote.)

  1. No kidding Stephy their whole line is awesome! There’s a t-shirt I’m now coveting after cruising their website. And Ebay! I always forget to look on Ebay. I bet there’s a treasure trove of bulldog items!

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