Memory Lane: Zelda Bulldog!

*Needless to say I super surprised to receive a picture from Zelda herself. To be in such esteemed company is Awesome. So I’m republishing the entire post, because it’s quite cute in my opinion*

Apparently Sherbert’s photos do not convey her true self.

Since she’s entered the web world she’s been challenged to a rolling contest, and now a “Best in Bed” competition. Entering contests involves motivation and a competitive spirit–two things, happily, lacking in our little potato. But she’s nothing if not a good sport.

So, Contestant 1:
Zelda, Bulldog, English Bulldog, UrbanBulldogZelda is wearing the latest in UrbanBulldog bedwear. She’s channeling Goldilocks and Paul Bunyan, while still letting her own ‘tude shine through.

Who am I kidding, Sherbert can’t compete with Zelda’s ensemble.
BUT….she can sleep anywhere.

Bulldog, English Bulldog, UrbanBulldog

And looks smashing in a muscle tee.

Bulldog, English Bulldog, UrbanBulldog

Zelda picture courtesy of Zelda Wisdom, Inc. © Thanks to Carol for sending in the picture and motivating Sherbert to sleep more.

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