“That’s Your Dog?”

Dan and I are lab people, living in a lab town.

Meaning, we love to play outside–running, biking, skiing, etc. And we live in Boulder, Colorado where professional athletes abound and the town and surrounding areas are frequently named to Top 10 lists for fitness and health.

Most people assume we have a pup that does all of these things with us. A dog that fetches and runs. A dog that could rescue us should if we got lost or hurt. A dog that doesn’t need a wagon to get from point A to point B in a timely fashion.

Sometimes it would be nice to take a dog with a name like Echo (that’s our imaginary big dog name) out onto the trail or on an overnight camping trip. And we do feel guilty about leaving Sherbert alone while we explore.

But at the same time there’s nothing better than a cuddly, lovable, homebody bulldog who will…

inspect your bag for leftover food stuffs when you return…

help dry delicate activewear that can’t go in the dryer…

and basically tell us to relax when we aren’t out enjoying the great outdoors.

When people say “That’s Your Dog?” incredulously, I say, yep, we’re bulldog people.

  1. Bananas. Apples. Clif bars. And then I run into a corner and try to eat them silently…which is impossible. 🙂 – Sherb

  2. Exercise for Thurman consists of one trip around the block… during which he stops and demands treats and/or attention at (a) baltimore firehouse #2, (b) sidewalk diners at regi’s american bistro, (c) zelda zen jewelry store, (d) nichiban japanese restaurant, and (e) federal hill wine & spirits. NONE of these establishments can be passed without getting treats and love or MAJOR complaints and butt dragging by Thurman are near guaranteed. Try explaining to a bulldog that the liquor store is closed on Sunday; i wish you luck. Perhaps the journey deserves some documentation.

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