Sofa Love

You guessed it friends: The answer is D.

Once again proving that bulldogs are smarter than their owners, Miss Sherbert, who will snarl when LB brushes against her or even throws a menacing glance when they are both sharing the rug or hardwood floor, will not twitch a muscle when LB throws a pointy left hook right into her midsection on the sofa.

She will also allow licking of the stomach, and has even been spotted licking LB’s back…but only on the sofa.

(She will tolerate vigorous ear and jowl cleanings by LB in most scenarios…but there’s always a time limit.)

Leniency rules also apply in the kitchen or when guests are over (I know, right?).
In the kitchen the bulldogs will both smush onto one little rug and monitor the floor and the people with little notice of one another.

So even though the bulldogs do not know the command (verbal or otherwise) for Come!, they do have a pros/cons list running in their heads and on the sofa the pros definitely win out.

p.s. If you guessed answer B, you’re really not too far off. Our Polarfleece coverage has risen proportionally since we acquired Lunchbox.

  1. What would my mornings at work be like without an UrbanBulldog break!? These two white pups provide much needed entertainment to sustain me through the day. They are absolutely adorable characters. As always, thank you for sharing!

  2. I love your site! we also celebrate the small victories of 2 bullies co-existing from time-to-time, and cover our sofas, chairs, cars, and beds in sheets and blankets for them 🙂

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