Video! The UrbanBulldog Takes the Stairs

The UrbanBulldog blog is almost a year old! (Next week I believe.) One of my goals when I started was to show Sherbert in the flesh, with a little video action. So here she is in one of her daily rituals that still makes me chuckle after three years: navigating the stairs.
Enjoy the sights and sounds of the REAL Sherbert!
  1. Not surprisingly, Scooter will only go up/down the stairs on one side too. If you’re in the way, she’ll graciously wait — unless she’s built up a head of steam.

  2. Oh Sherbert…I love your whine!! So sweet! But the best is that you only do one side of the steps! Howie zig-zags up & Vivi & Doc “hop” up too! Do you think your momma & daddy took the house w/the steps just to smile at you everyday?! Nah…bullies make you smile ALL the time!! Don’t need steps!

  3. Thanks M&M! The heavy head doesn’t help either…but the parents cave a lot in the ride department. And Jen we actually dismissed a couple houses because of their excessive steps…I’m sure the realtor got a good chuckle over that. 🙂

  4. Oh Sherbie!! We just move 2 wks ago to our first house with stairs exactly like this. I don’t think our Holly ever had done steps before (we would carry her – tricky dog). Well, Holly love to follow momma, so I went upstairs and about 2 mins later I heard a “ker-thump..ker-thump..pause..ker-thump”. She made it all the way up! She eventually learned to go down (but we have to slow her down or she face plants on the bottom 3 steps).
    Go Sherbie!!

  5. Beautiful video. Sherbert is so adorable! I guess my wife and i are lucky with our ‘athletic’ bully…he flies through the stairs. Although our stairs are nos as steep but still my in-laws pad has stairs similar like yours and he doesn’t have an issue. He does have an issue with baths though!!! Ohh its torture for him and he senses when they are coming. Its like a sixth sense and gets really depressed.

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