Happy “National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day”!

I have to admit I was caught off guard by this national holiday and wasn’t able to prepare a photo shoot accordingly. Thankfully @wheresthomas is in the know and I had this extra St. Paddy’s Day photo just waiting to be used.

While it may not be the most celebrated of holidays (yes, the post office is still open), and it looks like the website of the organizing committee is down (www.bulldogsarebeautiful.com; too much traffic perhaps) I found this wonderful description of the event on Answers.com:

“In addition to recognizing the beauty in our portly pets, National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day celebrates people’s differences whether they’re big, small, short, tall, skinny or stout or have names like Stinky or Lulu.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, except maybe inserting names like Sherbert or Ham or Brutus or Oatmeal (good one huh?).


  1. Aww (bats eyes and wags non-tail), thanks M&M! You guys are too. Love your blog header.

    And Jen I know Sherb gets LOTS of treats at the vet! And now we’ll all be ready to celebrate in full force next year! We can keep the holiday alive!

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