Security Measures for a Bulldog in a Wagon

Now that wagon season is in full swing I feel that the UrbanBulldog should offer a public service announcement regarding wagon safety.
Sure, Sherbert looks cute, cute, cute in her Radio Flyer, but we have taken some precautions regarding her comfort & safety.

First, I added a two-inch thick piece of foam to the bed of the wagon. This is for comfort, but also so she can get in/out easier and can see out better. I covered the foam with polar fleece.

Next, Dan rigged up a wonderful leash-like system so Sherbert can’t jump out should she suddenly become interested in other dogs or cats. This was accomplished by screwing two eye hooks on either side of the inside of the wagon. He attached a piece of rope and a clasp between the two hooks.

Now, we just position the wagon near the edge of the deck, pull off the back of the wagon’s guardrails, and let Sherbert hop in…some hops are more graceful than others.

Then we attach the clasp to her collar and she’s set. There’s enough slack on the rope that she can lay down if need be, but not enough that she can turn around and around and cause a mess of things.

Then we’re off!

  1. We have a similar wagon for our crew. We padded the bottom with 2 thick blankets and they’re covered with a soft fleece blanket. I also padded the sides of the wagon with pipe foam so if they want to rest their chin whilst watching the world go by, it’s comfy. Every smushface should have their own wagon! 🙂

    Shannon and the Gang

  2. S, G, & B – We’d love to see photos of this chariot you speak of. The pipe foam is an excellent addition.

    And Blue Line, THANK YOU! (I’ll pass the praise on to engineer Dan.) Now we just need to get your crew on wheels…it might have to be a wagon train though for all that muscle. 🙂

  3. A-ha! So that’s how you keep Miss Sherbert in. I had wondered that and ultimately assumed that she was more patient than my beast. Genius outfitting to the radio flyer.

  4. A couple more questions: I am located in NYC. Where can I find foam, rope, a clasp, and eye hooks? Are they all at the hardware store? Many thanks, and excellent job with the wagon!

  5. Hi Abbi! We received our Radio Flyer as a gift a few years ago, and it is the all-terrain version. It looks like is selling them; ours is like the new “cargo” version. As for the other materials we bought the rope, clasp, and eye hooks at Home Depot, so any stocked hardware store should have them. I got the foam and polarfleece at a fabric store, like Joanne’s. Be sure to send us some pics if you do get your bully set up!

  6. We just ordered Jackson’s All-Terrain Radio Flyer from for $129.00, it ships to the store for free too. Jackson can’t wait.

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