S is for Sherbert

S is for Stink Eye too!

For quite some time now I’ve been looking for the perfect Sherbert S.
The one at Pier One, too flimsy.
The one at Anthropologie, too artsy & askew.
The one at Pottery Barn, too trendy, although quite nice.
Finally, on Friday, I stumbled into Urban Outfitters and it was a mecca of Ss–all letters really.
Which is good because Sherb’s grandma, a speech therapist, insists I can’t just hang an S on my wall and be done with it.
No, Shhhhher-bert, requires the “sh” sound, so I must have a Sherbert S and a Sherbert H.

It’s only right.

It’s only just.

…to be continued…

  1. You will have some help looking for the H to go with the S this weekend…whew…it is only right as her name starts with a diagraph and not a single consonant…otherwise she would be ‘serbert’….and that is just so wrong….love grandma…..

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