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I’ll admit, I didn’t canvas the bulldog blogosphere, let alone the internet in general, when I started this blog.

In fact there’s a breeder out there who’s probably not too pleased with my UrbanBulldog moniker. Sorry about that.

But I did, happily, stumble across a plethora of bulldog blogs when I joined the fray. Apparently people who own bulldogs are ridiculously creative. Well, of course they are!

In true Oscar fashion I’m likely to forget a few, and even more likely, there are a ton more bully blogs I have no idea about, so please use the comments liberally! Or shoot me an email: contact@urbanbulldog.com. Or send me a tweet! I’ll update the list if I get more.

Here are a few, in no particular order:
(FYI, I stuck with bulldog exclusive blogs, but you don’t have to in the comments.)


(Be sure to check out the ‘Favorite Sites’ list on this blog for even more options.)


  1. Woot! Woot! Thanks for the shout out!! In fact, thanks for the additional blogs! Looks like I’ll need to do some updates to my favorites link!!

    FWIW-I love Urban Bulldog’s blog…you, like me, love your bully & you, like me, love to take photos of your bully! It’s like we’re bullymomma twins!!

    I love how you get others involved too! It’s so fun to see other bullies! If it wasn’t going to be a total copycat, I’d start asking people send me photos too! I love it!

    Keep up the bullyful work & give that Sherbs a hug from my bullies!!

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog!
    Looking forward to checking out the other bulldog blogs, and I love following Sherbie’s adventures. Our people-parents sure do love us bullies. We just have to indulge their craziness…

  3. Thanks so much. What a great picture! I wonder if other bloggers ever have to worry about keeping the drool off the keyboard? Nicely done.

    Love your blog, and the others too.

  4. Bullblogger you’re so right! Most bloggers worry about a coffee spill. I worry about scratching Sherbert’s ears just right with one hand and typing with the other…not to mention the drool! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Thanks Bulldog Buddies! Everyone should check out the BB’s Facebook page for lots of great pictures…just click on their name above.

    And PUPPIES! Thanks for the link Mary…the bar has now been raised with a four-bulldog household!

  6. Just wanted to leave a note to tell you that this photo, with Sherbie and dad, prompted my husband to, also, lift Scooter in his lap and work on the computer. In fact, when he was lifting her up, he said, “C’mon Scoots, let’s be like the Urban Bulldog.” Too bad I’m slow with the camera, or videocamera for that matter….

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