Spring is Springing: Shhh, Don’t Tell Sherbert

A recent visit to Rocky Mountain National Park confirmed that spring is in the air.

The exotic birds have resumed their perches.

The herds of elk are looking for snacks.

… And the bulldog? Well, despite the inaugural wagon ride of the season last Friday, the UB continues to hibernate. She hopes only that the advent of spring will relieve her dry itchy skin and allow us to remove the ironically named “Comfy Cone.” We hope so too, Sherbert.
  1. The cone is preventing her from chewing on her feet or licking anything that is reachable on her body. She generally only wears it when we’re gone, or if she seems particularly agitated. We went with the soft version over the plastic version for the napping factor.

  2. That’s so funny. Lily had a blue cone when she was spayed like that, but it had more of a raincoat material on it. She hated it equally as much and slowly ripped it apart day by day to show us how mad she was.

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