Drool Away My Dear

Sherbert is an unsavory house guest. There’s the farting. And the drooling.
And the dinner hour, well, that’s a ridiculous affair.
I tried putting a cute place mat under her bowls…like I imagine all fashionable houses do.
But Sherbert snuffled it out of the way…and then drooled on it.

Our new place came complete with a few carefully laid carpet remnants.
But last week I watched in horror as a runaway dollop of peanut butter hit the edge of said carpet and Sherbert instantly went into Hoover mode.
That’s when I saw the permanent impressions her bowls had made in the carpet and the ring ‘o dirt encasing them.

I hustled over to Home Depot for a long slice of vinyl floor runner–long enough that I could tuck one end under a bar stool so it would stay in place.
And then, because I can never leave well enough alone, I stenciled my new favorite bulldog adjective (or name…), BEASTY, on the underside of the mat.

I think the word is very fitting…I just wish the stencil paint would dry so I can actually lay it on the floor. I don’t know how much longer Sherbert can hold the drool in.

  1. Ha! I love it and can totally sympathize. Scooter has a food mat AND a towel. And, what goes on there in that feeding station is di-sgust-ing.

    Nice to know bullie nicknames are similar. One of Scooter’s is Beastess.

  2. We have a series of towels all over the floor…and some by our sides to wipe the drool when we can. We’ve simply become used to it. Our friends watch in horror…

  3. Wow that is a great idea! Whenever we hear our bully Baloo drinking or eating, we run over with a towel to wipe his face before he slobbers it all over the place! The area where his food/water sits is absolutely disgusting. I think I might just do the same thing! Thanks for posting!

  4. Oh yes, just one of the many perils of having a bully right? We have drool rags strategically placed all over the house. We have a monkey (our nicknames for them) placemat under the water dish…the food dishes, well let’s just say we should replace the dogs’ room flooring, period.

  5. UPDATE: Well, the stencil has finally dried! It took about 36 hours which seems excessive. Maybe there’s a paint made just for vinyl out there? Now we’ll see how long the mat itself actually lasts before the beast defiles it! And it seems like I have towels everywhere…to dry her feet, to wipe her mouth, to clean the floor, etc.

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