The Supermodel of Bulldogs: Tillman

Consider this an aspirational post. If the bulldog world has an idol and champion mascot it is Tillman (well, after Zelda of course). And while I like to champion the everyday activities of our favorite breed (the lolling tongues, pooching bellies, and 22-hour naps) every once in awhile it’s good to reach for the stars. Plus, I know my neck of the woods needs a little sun, sand, and surf this time of year. So enjoy Tillman and his skateboarding, surfing, and skimboarding antics…just be sure to give your own bully an extra little self-affirming love after watching this video. And thanks to Lacey for sending in this clip.


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  1. Now that brought a smile and a laugh to a winter weary resident…Tillman is soooooo cool and he has a wonderful master….thanks…

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