Sherbert is Now Mango Flavored*

*And this time it had nothing to do with the shampoo we chose for her.
This weekend Sherbert met “Mango,” an adorable and energetic chocolate lab puppy, for probably the third time.

But, for once, there was a CONNECTION.

Maybe it was because Mango kept trying to bring Sherbert her toys…

…even though Sherbert had no idea what to do with them.

Or maybe it was because Mango nibbled on Sherbert’s earlobes and wasn’t afraid to nuzzle Sherbert’s droopy jowls.

Mango didn’t even complain when Sherbert commandeered her brand new, extra-large Nylabone.

Whatever it was, I’m no longer as worried about Sherbert’s social skills because it seems it just takes a persistent, happy-go-lucky dog like Mango to bring out the best in Sherb.

(And starting *NOW* Sherbert will be sleeping for three straight days trying to recover.)

  1. OH, the shampoo fiasco! Basically orange-colored, mango-scented shampoo smells delicious but after 10 washings or so leaves white bulldogs with a faint orange glow! Who knew? Now we use coconut-scented shampoo. Much better. 🙂 Don’t let Vivi near the orange stuff! (Luckily the tinge isn’t permanent.)

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