A Trial Run With a Stuffed Lunchbox

Remember Ducky? Old news. For Valentine’s Day Sherbie got a $10, life-size IKEA bulldog.

I’m pretty sure Sherbert thinks it’s the missing pillow from her mushroom bed. I hope she doesn’t pee on it.

P.S. If you’re scratching your head over the “Lunchbox” reference from the title, read this.

  1. OMG! Love the stuffed “Lunchbox”. I think Scooter needs one. It would be twice her size!

    The third pic is, yet again proof, that Sherbert has the best stink eye ever!

  2. OMG, that’s great!! She’s snuggling in just like it is a real bully!! Hmmm…makes me think if that’s the reason my bullies like to snuggle together…they’re each other’s pillows!! hahaha

    My faves are the one where Lunchbox is on the chair looking down & then the one where Sherbert & Lunchbox are facing each other over the mushroom bed! LOL

  3. Yeah, Sherbert was working it for the camera in this shoot! The first time we introduced her to “Lunchbox” she gave him a half-hearted chew and lots of stink eye. I do think bullies make excellent pillows–I’ve even tried it myself, lightly. 🙂

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